Wing Builder

AUTHOR: Mel Braxton
RELEASE: 29 April 2021
PAGES: 360
GENRE: New Adult Romance, Fantasy
PURCHASE: Print or ebook

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review during the book tour of Wing Builder by Literary Bound Tours. (full tour schedule)

Content Warning: Fade to black sex scenes

He has his wings, she needs to build hers. 

Wren knew she was weird, but she also believed she was human. When she learns she’s an heir to a House Banae… she also discovers someone wants her dead.

Ezal is cursed with the Blight, his gray wings making him ineligible as Wren’s suitor. When he is assigned as Wren’s Protector, he welcomes the responsibility, eager to guard her at any cost.

To become Lady Banae, Wren must marry—and quickly! While white-winged bachelors line up to be Wren’s suitors, nobody realizes it’s Ezal who has captured her heart.

Together, Wren and Ezal navigate mysterious attacks and political maneuvering. As danger whirls around them, they must choose between their forbidden love and being forever separated.

Let me first of by saying I’m so grateful to be apart of this book tour, and whenever I get chosen for these, I just get so giddy. The book immediately spoke to me because I’m just a sucker for a beautiful cover, honestly, and wow, does this book have a stunning cover.

But on to the actual story! I guess if I had to be technical, I’d give this book a 3.5 rating, but I don’t work with halves and it’s quite a four star book to me. There are a lot of aspects in this book that are wonderfully thought out and that I appreciate so much. The world-building, the lore and integration of science with magic are a few important things to name. I’m always a sucker for a story where our main character discovers they’re part of a different world and learns how to navigate it along with the reader. It helps the reader get immersed in the story.

Another point I have to give to this story, the characters are not dumb. They’re incredibly intelligent even. Wren is a physics student and it shows in how she approaches a lot of the new situations she gets thrown in, and I love to see it. Ezal isn’t too bad either and it got me quite excited to read more from his POV. Throughout this book there’s this mystery of who’s trying to hurt Wren and when I read those type of mysteries in other books I’m quite fast in figuring it out, way before the characters do. But here, as soon as I thought something was off, Ezal did as well. He called it being paranoid, but I’m just glad we were both very prepared for what was to come.

The intelligence of these characters, however, does bring me to one of my less enjoyed moments. As I’ve stated before, I’ve read a lot of books with a similar premise of the main character discovering a new world, species, energy etc.
But Wren just accepted it. Every character from earth that is aware of the situation just immediately went along with it, and I have so many questions about that. Remember, Wren is a college student who’s studying physics and who’s really into String Theory. Yet this guy comes along, tells her she’s from another world and she’s in this mindset of “Ah yes, makes sense.” Her father responded in a very similar way of just going with the flow, and the whole thing confuses me.

That’s honestly my biggest issue with the book, and thankfully that’s a part that plays out mostly in the beginning of the book because as soon as we dimension jump, there’s no time to truly give these things any second thoughts.


Mel Braxton

Mel Braxton lives in Portland, OR where she daydreams of fantastical worlds and
those who live there. She is an avid reader, lover of music, and passionate scientist.
Lulu, her dog, mistakenly believes Mel’s job is to be a professional puppy cuddler.

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